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Berea Sweep-In 2017

The Berea Sweep-In was a success! We had broom makers from 13 states come together in Berea, Ky!

Christopher Robbins was kind enough to host the first part of the event at Broomcraft. We got together and had fun introductions! It was good to see so many broom makers under one roof!

Berea College’s Appalachian Center was kind enough to give us space to give presentations on growing broomcorn, dying broomcorn, and a documentary on broom makers in India. In addition we were given access to the Center’s broom collection. ( anyone curious.)

Saturday we had classes and competitions. Chris Nibble won the best Kids Competition sponsored by the Caddy Supply Company. The Broom Makers Dinner was catered by Noodle Nirvana, and the Mayor of Berea visited with all the broom makers!

We are going to have the 2018 Sweep-In somewhere in the same time frame as this year. (Not on Easter of course.)

The artists of Old Town are excited to see you next year!

If you have additional photos of the event, please email them to

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