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The Broom House

A Better Broom, Beautifully Done

Brooms are every day tools that can be found in any store. But like many things nowadays, the old traditions are making a comeback. Why? Because newer generations are realizing that handcrafted items and environment friendly practices are important. They knew that broomcorn, a natural fiber, is better than anything synthetic. Here at The Broom House, we know these things too.


Superior Cleaning and Long Lasting

Our brooms are made to be used. They are made of 100% broom corn, without any synthetic fillers, and are hand-stitched with nylon, hemp, or metal. While other brooms claim to be natural, they often contain yucca, a brittle fiber that falls out. Our brooms hold on to dust and dirt, rather than sliding it around the floor like store bought brooms. We are an eco-friendly cleaning solution that looks beautiful as a bonus.

Handcrafted Art

The Perfect Marriage of Beauty and Function

Don't hide your broom in a closet! Our brooms are designed to be a beautiful addition to your decor. Nearly every item in the modern household has become more individualized by the number of choices available today. So why not the broom? Choose from one of our popular styles, or design a custom broom to be a beautiful accent to your home.


A New Generation in the Broom Tradition

Broom Making was a cottage industry until Industrialization. Now it is again. Since the 1970s, broom making has been on a steep decline in the United States. Currently there are less than 200 craft broom makers in the United States. As these artisans age, most are not passing a their craft on to people outside their families. We want to change this.

The Broom House teaches broom making in workshops, and help spread the notions that a broom can be an expression of an individual person’s identity and inner world.

Give an Heirloom Gift

Brooms are found in special ceremonies and every day rituals. Find the perfect broom to use in a wedding or give one as a special housewarming gift that will be treasured for years to come. We are happy to take custom orders to make your gift truly unique.

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