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About The Broom House

The Broom House has moved to located in the beautiful foothills of Madison County, Kentucky.  We are committed to preserving the craft of broom-making, and elevating broom-making from being perceived as a folksy-craft to art that produces highly decorative, original pieces.

About the Artisan

Justin Dean Burton grew up in Kentucky, where his family has lived for hundreds of years. He attended Berea College where he discovered the art of broom making. He fell in love with this lowly art and has made it his goal to elevate it to an art appreciated by the masses. Since then he has designed multiple brooms and begun to find ways to make broom making more sustainable and interesting. Justin’s brooms have been displayed at museums, historical sites, various media, and events throughout the world. He was a fellow of the city of Berea’s Art Accelerator Program. He was previously instructing students at Bethany College under their new Swedish Crafts program.

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